Why is worth to be a VIP at an online casino?

The VIP status is given to a person who gambles in the casino regularly and spends a hefty sum of money. The casinos earn a lot of profits from these types of customers so, they provide special treatments to these people. In most of the online casinos Australia there are a few different level of VIPs and with each exceeding level the perks increases. Some of the advantages of being a VIP at an online casino are:

High Roller Bonus- The high roller bonuses are the bonuses that are a lot higher than the normal match up cash bonuses. They are given usually on a deposit of €1000 or more. The bonus can vary from 50% to 200% or more. The VIPs usually get the high roller bonuses with each and every transaction they make. Apart from the matchup bonuses, there are free points, free spins and cashback offers that the VIPs especially get in their accounts. Sometimes bonus chips for the table games or the slots are also awarded free of cost.

Exemption to certain Rules- The VIPs have some exception to the payout rules like the payout percentage is a little more than a normal player and the transactions are made faster. In addition to this, the conversion rate also decreases while redeeming cash from the VIP points.

Special treatment- The VIP players are provided special customer service treatments. Some real money casinos even provide an exclusive manager to the VIPs that can be called at any time of the day for anything related to the casino.

Exclusive access to new additions- The VIP members get a special access to the games before they are launched officially for all the members. In addition to this, they get an early access to bonuses and promotions through emails. There are some exclusive events held for the VIPs only giving some of the best offers in some of the most famous table and slot games.

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