Variants Of Poker

In these tables the player bets money directly. We're talking metaphorically because players bet real poker chips, but these have a certain value and each bet amounts to a real money. Poker cash games are based on probabilities and statistics as following mathematics and computing at all times both bets must be made as whether to accept a bid from a rival in terms of these options are much greater gain. Try your luck with top class Norwegian casinos here at

In this case we refer to as poker tournaments all those items that are not in cash, all the "tournament" with a down payment that is received with a certain amount of chips and in which the goal is to get as far as possible.

Depending on the number of players and other aspects to be discussed later as buybacks, establishing a table of prizes that will determine, depending on the position in which the player has been removed, to receive the award. In this case the individual hands lose value and the goal becomes to survive as long as possible because the amount of money to win depends solely on it.

In these tournaments, the blinds (forced bets that have to perform some of the players in each hand) increase as the tournament progresses, the opposite happens in bitcoin casinos games where the blinds are stable, so that players are forced into action and thus players to bet their chips until only one remains alive.

In the world of poker speaks regularly as Sit & Go and multi-table tournaments, but we have chosen not to do so because the online game many Sit & Go tournaments which take place because of the number of players in form MITT.

Omaha poker's popularity grew quickly, this game represents a specialty Played the World Series of Poker, the world's leading event in sports poker fact.

Texas Holdem

It is the widely played online poker variant worldwide

Pai Gow Poker

It is easy to learn and play online with big money to win.

Caribbean Stud

Most poker players prefer to play this old variant of poker as its easy to play.