Understanding Roulette and Bonuses

This is to stop people from just taking a bonus and then cashing it out, do you think online casinos are that stupid that they're just going to let people take free bonuses? All bonuses come with wagering requirements, they range from 25x bonus amounts to 40x. Suddenly the bonus doesn't sound very good does it? Things get worse, roulette doesn't go towards the wagering requirements, so any money you win on roulette doesn't count towards the requirements and you won't be able to cash it out.

Before playing you may want to read about the best casino payout method. If you want to receive your money. When most people play roulette online they like to have a free spin option, in other words they can spin the wheel without having to place any bets. As you probably know, all new online casinos have a free spin option for all their games which are: European Roulette, French Roulette, American roulette and Mini Roulette.

However, what a lot of people don't realize is that Microgaming casinos also give you a free spin option on some of the roulette games that they offer. Generally, at Microgaming casinos you get two versions of roulette to play, the standard game and the gold version.

To break things down further, you get a Gold version and standard version of European roulette and the same applies to the French game. It is the gold version that gives you a free spin for both games. As well as the roulette systems that you will find on the roulette system reviews page there are also many common strategies that people use. Most of these systems have been around for years and people have tried many different variations of them. you can test all of the strategies below as well as practice your own ideas on the free roulette page which is a completely free game at toponlinecasinos online casino. I should point out that these systems are here for information purposes only and that I am in no way saying that they will be able to win money for you long term. Remember that roulette has a house edge and while systems can help you win, they can't overcome the edge, that's (probably) impossible.

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