Tipping the Dealers and Preferential Shuffling

If a crew of dealers is friendly and helpful, i believe the players should tip, or toke, them, whether or not they're winning. Sometimes a word or two from a dealer can make the players a bit of money or save them from losing money. If a player has forgotten to take odds on his come bet or hasn't backed up his line bet to the limit, competent and aware dealers will make it their business to correct this oversight. Sometimes in a hectic game, after a player has received a payoff on a come bet or some other wager, he may forget to pick up the chips from online casinos and will leave them in the wrong betting area.

A dealer who is alert will point out this mistake and can save the player a bit of grief. In the heat of battle, in the middle of a hot game of craps when a player has a lot of bets working for him, it pays to have a dealer who's on his toes and who has the interests of the players in mind. Tipping keeps that interest at a high pitch, but i don't suggest toking a dealer unless he's competent and helpful. Hostile dealers don't deserve anything, no matter how much a player wins. Neither do greedy dealers who push for tokes. But when a dealer is doing his best, by all means make a few bets for him and for the crew.

A related consideration is the practice of preferential shuffling wherein the dealer shuffles the deck whenever he perceives it for whatever reason as favorable. A good example to illustrate the truncated distribution which results can be obtained by reverting to a simplistic, non blackjack example. Consider a deck of four cards, two red and two black. The dealer turns a card the player wins if it's red and loses on black. Ostensibly we have a fair game, but now imagine an oblivious, unsuspecting player and a card counting, preferentially shuffling dealer. Initially there are six equally likely orderings of the deck.

Bringing the discussion back to jeux de casino enligne blackjack, we might wonder how well the dealer who counted tens could do at keeping them away from the player by shuffling away all ten rich decks. The answer depends on how often the deck is reevaluated blackjack uses typically four to twenty-four cards per round, depending on the number of players. The following chart shows the percentage of tens that would be dealt as a function of the size of the clump of cards the dealer observes before making his next decision on whether to reshuffle.

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