The Rise of Gambling on Smartwatches

The fact of the matter is that playing real money slots games, as well as those designed just to entertain and amuse you on a smartwatch, is now a reality. The concept, first unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in 2014 has rapidly become very popular. A number of big name casino software companies like Playtech and Microgaming, as well as other developers not in the casino industry are busy making apps that allow you to have fun where and when you wish to, on your wrist.

Overview of t Smartwatch Games

The biggest inhibitor that gaming software companies are facing is that there are so many operating systems, each totally unique, that need to be looked at. Microgaming is putting their focus on trying to render a game that can be played on a variety of different smartwatches, and hope to be able to release one soon.

Thanks to the small size of the screen, the games are stripped down to all but their most necessary functions, and you can look forward to streamlined, smooth, visually very simple play. Only what is absolutely required will feature, in order to ensure the gaming experience goes off without a hitch.

There are currently only a limited amount of real money slots games available for smartwatches, although that fact is likely to turn around completely, and soon. You can use your casino mobile bonus to play the classic Thunderstruck, one of the most popular games that Microgaming ever released, currently, however. Although it has been reduced to its most basic elements, it is still packing all the same hot slots action for its players to enjoy.

TetroCrate, a non-casino smartwatch game, was created for Android Wear smartwatches, and is a rather addictive puzzler. It feels as if it has been designed specifically for smartwatches, rather than being adapted for them, and you will be engaged in creating lines of multicoloured bricks, very similarly to the player’s aim in Tetris, that timeless classic so many of us know and love. Asteroids is certainly another one of the most habit-forming games available, and has been made available for owners of Pebble smartwatches to enjoy too.

What to Expect When You Play Smartwatch Games

There are both benefits to playing games and slots on your smartwatch. You aren’t in any danger of dropping it, for example, and it is a far less intrusive way to play, but there are challenges too, the largest of which is the small screen size.

As long as you go into the experience not expecting all the frills of regular games, however, you will be happy with what’s on offer, since the incredible access is something that has to be seen to be believed.

Potential for Future Growth in the Wearables Market

The smartwatch game applications available currently are intuitive and simple, and not only allow you to kill some time and have some fun, as is the case with the pure entertainment games, but also permit you to monitor your football games, horse racing info, place bets, enjoy real money slots, receive the alerts you wish to, and even cash out your winnings completely safely.

Creating these kinds of applications is a very clever business move, since, as has been the case with mobile devices, we are likely to see more and more people headed towards wearable technology in the near future. Smartwatch games of all kinds are sure to continue to hit the market, getting better all the time and attracting an ever-growing fan base.