The Best First Person Shooters Of All Time

Without first person shooters, there probably wouldn't be much gaming at all. It was the genre that really took video games to the mainstream, made them big, and interested the masses. But why wouldn't they? You're given a gun, a bunch of enemies, and told to put bullets in bodies. It's a blast, tons of fun, and a pulse pounding experience.

Though, with so many FPSs around, it can be difficult to know which the best of the best are. It helps, therefore, to take a look at the ones that stand apart as the greatest .

Doom And Doom (2016)

Yes, Doom started it all. Though technically not the first FPS, it was the certainly the first that went mainstream in a big way. It focused on fast movement, guns that didn't need to be reloaded, and immense amounts of gore. At least for the time. Plus, Doom also made multiplayer more popular than ever before. In a time when online roulette Australia was about the most exciting thing the average person did online, Doom brought shotguns and killing your friends.

The incredible thing about the original Doom is that it still holds up today.

But a new Doom was released in 2016, by the same developers; ID Software. Wouldn't you know it, the company still knows how to make great shooters. The new Doom takes what made the original popular, expands on it, and manages to be a genre defining experience. The graphics are better, of course, and there is a bit more of a plot. But with the focus still on fast action, Doom 2016 is a modern classic.

Half-Life And Half-Life 2

Yes, you probably know Half-Life. If Doom took FPSs to the mainstream, Half-Life took the genre to the next level in PC games . It focused on storytelling in a genre that had little, innovated in incredible ways, and wowed players with never before seen attention to detail. It doesn't look like much now, but a game were NPCs sometimes were your friends, instead of all being enemies, was revolutionary.

Half-Life 2, against all expectations, managed to reinvent the genre a second time. It did everything the first game did, but somehow better. Facial animations were taken to new heights, the gravity gun defied what players thought was possible, and every level was somehow better than the last.

Quake Franchise

Last we have Quake. Where Doom left off back in the day, Quake took over. It was the first FPS to use true 3D , and minds were blown. It was a similar experience to Doom, at least initially, but went so much further as the franchise progressed.

Quake 3 Arena focused squarely on the multiplayer aspect, and it was arguably this move that gave us the multiplayer shooters we know today. Though, sadly, there hasn't been much from the franchise since the fairly recent Quake Champions, which failed to impress players. Hopefully there will be more from this once wildly popular franchise, which once stood as the king of the shooter mountains.