Mortal Kombat – The Early Revolution

The world of online casino gaming has undergone many changes in the last few years. The technology available has undoubtedly progressed, allowing for better games with better graphics. A simple slot is now a HD graphics filled extravaganza, which is great for everyone.

But Live Casinos take the experience of playing casino games online to the next level. Instead of playing a simulation of a casino game, a player can now have a direct feed to a real dealer , in real time. It is a marvel of modern technology, and testimony to how far the internet has come in a very short space of time.

Best of all, just about anyone can join in. The requirements are surprisingly low.

What Do I need?

You can view a Live Casino, and place bets, on just about any device that has a steady and decent internet connection. Mobiles and tablets can be used, as well as desktop computers. Virtually any modern smartphone will do the trick, assuming it has a browser and is connected to the internet. An easy rule of thumb is that if a device can handle YouTube, it should be able to handle a Live Casino.

Though, one thing to keep in mind is that a Live Casino does need a steady internet connection. Since video is being streamed in real time, you will probably require a steadier connection than for other, standard NZ betting sites. It is best to be connected to a good WiFi source, and have at least a 0.5 – 1.0 Mpbs download speed.

Which Games Can I Play Live?

Just about every mainstream casino game has a live version. This includes Roulette , Baccarat, Blackjack , Poker, and much more. The games all follow their traditional rules, and the dealer will be friendly and professional.

If you enjoy a classic table casino game, take a look and see if you can find a live version. Chances are you can. Roulette is amongst the most popular, given the social nature. Casino games are best played in groups, after all.

My Feed Keeps Buffering

If you log on at a Live Casino, and the video is very low quality, even pausing to buffer, it is an indication that your internet connection is not fast or stable enough. Don't worry, this can normally be easily fixed. Ensure that there are no downloads using the same connection, and that you are connected to the fastest WiFi you can find. If the problem persists, it may just be a bad signal. Try again later.

Log In Now And Try For Yourself

In order to get started, simply visit an online casino that offers Live Casinos, make an account, and start playing. The chances are good that there will be a place waiting for you, especially if it is a game that has no limit to the players that can engage, like Roulette or Baccarat.

Good luck, don't forget to be nice to the dealer, and remember to quit while you're ahead.

2011 saw the franchise return to its roots with the simply titled Mortal Kombat. 3D graphics used a 2D fighting framework. The 2011 release was a smash hit, keeping the fighter alive until the most recent 2019 release Mortal Kombat 11.