Everything You Need to Know About Casino Dress Code

Casino Dress Code: Fashion Etiquette When Visiting a Casino

Whether it’s your first time visiting a casino, or you’ve been plenty of times, one thing you always need to keep in mind is dress code. Most importantly, this is something that applies wherever you are in the world.

Casinos have long been associated with luxury, glamour, and indulgence – thus, the fashion and dress code that accompanies that image must go with it.

The fun thing is that visiting a casino represents an opportunity to explore and show off your own personal style – all within the rules, of course. Whether you’re super wealthy or just visiting for a bit of fun, everybody needs to look the part. And it’s not just a suggestion – some places, especially the fancier ones, may not even let you in if you aren’t dressed appropriately!

So, we’re going to give you a quick crash course into everything you need to know about casino dress code.

What Is the Dress Code?

We’ve spoken about dress code a lot, but what exactly is the dress code at casinos? Well, they’re all different when it comes down to specifics, but generally speaking, you’re going to want to dress reasonably nicely to play at the tables or spin the reels of the best New Zealand pokies online. But most importantly, check out the establishment’s dress code before you go! Here are the main codes you may expect to see.

Casual But Nice

This applies to the most relaxed casinos, but we’d generally describe this as fashionable but relaxed; polished yet chilled. It’s about looking nice but not over-dressed – but also not like you’re heading to the beach!


For many people, this may just be how you dress in day-to-day life! It’s all about finding the perfect balance between comfort and style – it’s still fairly relaxed, but it’s definitely more on the fashionable side of things.

For women, this may be a nice outfit – something like a dress, a skirt or even some tailored trousers. As long as you look well put together (and aren’t wearing jeans and a T-shirt), you’re likely to fall into this category.

For men, it mostly includes some reasonably formal pants – chinos or something similar – and a slightly less formal button-up. You could even pair this with some sneakers – as long as they’re nice!

Formal and Elegant

Finally, the smart option. This is particularly relevant when you’re visiting the best of the best establishments, and it’s super important that you adhere to the dress code when you do.

For men, it’s all about fancy tuxedos and formal shoes. Details are always important – this means cuff links, pocket squares and even nice socks!

For women, there are lots of choices. It’s generally most accepted to wear an elegant dress – a cocktail dress or something knee-length is most common. Pair this with a nice pair of heels, dazzling jewellery, a full face of make up and formal hair and you’ll be ready to go! If you really want to go all out, choose bold colours and don’t be afraid to stand out!