Casino Tourism: Top 5 Destinations for Gambling Worldwide

The 5 Best Destinations for Gambling Worldwide

Looking to make the most of your next vacation? From thrilling entertainment to the chance of striking a life-changing win, casino tourism is all the rage. Touring casinos will give your (holi)days an air of excitement, as you make your way through every vibrant venue brimming with possibility.

Casinos offer a wide variety of games, so if you’re travelling in a group there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, you’re spoilt for choice. Some casinos even offer free lessons, so there’s no reason not to get involved in the fun.

If you’re ready to take off on your casino tour, here are 5 must-visit destinations for gambling enthusiasts.

1. Las Vegas, USA

The ‘Gambling Capital of the World’ is a bucket list destination for any gambling enthusiast. Las Vegas is the most famous and iconic gambling destination globally, and for good reason! This city boasts the most casinos in the world, as well as some of the largest. While you’re there, you can enjoy the glitz and glamour of Vegas’ world-famous casinos, as well as the amazing nightlife that has inspired countless Hollywood films.

2. Macau, China

Macau, fondly known to gamblers as the “Las Vegas of Asia”, as well as the “Monte Carlo of the East”, is a globally renowned gambling destination. Although it spans a relatively small area (≈30km²), the region offers over 30 casinos. Gambling is the lifeblood of Macau; this booming industry accounts for the greater part of the region’s economy and has created tens of thousands of jobs. Its gambling economy has made Macau one of the wealthiest regions in the world, so head off and claim your slice of the pie; there’s plenty to go around!

3. Monaco

If you’re hoping to embark on a glamorous, extravagant adventure, look no further than Monaco. This small sovereign state has it all — scenic views, rich history, opulent establishments, and of course, some of the grandest casinos. Bump shoulders with the rich and famous when you visit Monaco’s elite casinos; while you’re there, bask in luxury and the beauty of the French Riviera.

4. Singapore

Singapore has attracted many gamblers from around the globe with its world-class, integrated resorts. This country is renowned for its safety, efficiency, and cleanliness; it’s also a melting pot of diverse cultures offering a unique experience. This makes Singapore one of the most desirable tourist destinations overall. This country has a robust and growing economy, with high-end casinos and gambling opportunities to match.

5. London, England

London is home to well over 30 casinos, catering to a variety of tastes, whether you want something old-fashioned and casual or elegant and upmarket. The city is amongst the most famous in Europe and the rest of the world, boasting popular attractions like the Big Ben and Buckingham Palace; with its huge gambling culture, it’s worthwhile to consider touring some of London’s spectacular casinos as well.

A Top Money Spinner

Casino tourism is widely popular, having reached a global market value of $492.22 million in 2022; it only continues to grow, while boosting economies, creating jobs, and making for happy travellers and gamblers worldwide.

If you can’t embark on your adventure anytime soon, you won’t miss out. Instead, you can play pokies online and other games on desktop or smartphone and explore the world of gambling virtually.