Tips on How to Play Your Mobile Games as a Pro

Nowadays, mobile gaming is very common among teens and even adults. It is a very good pass time and it also allows you to utilize the time when you are waiting for someone, when you have nothing to do or commuting. This in turn gives you more free time with family and friends because most if not all of your gaming is done while on the move. If you are into desktop gambling, then you need to choose a suitable mobile casino games online. It’s not a very tough task.

There are mainly two types of mobile casinos. One is the stand alone mobile casino from operators who have no experience of online gambling. The other is the mobile casino operated by established online casinos. Whereas it would be unfair to condemn all mobile casinos of the first type, you will definitely be safer with an online-mobile casino combination as a new entrant. You pick an online casino if you are in New Jersey then you must go to Regulated Casino in New Jersey like with over ten years standing, licensed by a recognized jurisdiction, independently audited for game fairness and powered by a leading software provider. Any of the online casinos recommended by CasinoAdvisor would be fine. Then you can sign up at the mobile platform of that online casino.

Tips for new mobile gamers

1. Have patience

You have taken the step into an online FPS game and it is frustratingly difficult to survive even for a minute. Well... it's no surprise. The players you encounter have much more experience with the game. At least if you didn't buy it on the release day and immediately started playing online.

2. Learn from your deaths

The single most important key to improve in an FPS game is understanding WHY you were killed. EVERY TIME! Did you e.g. move across an open space (road, field, etc) in a straight line and got shot by a single headshot? That was a sniper. Next time move in an irregular zig zag line and sprint if possible. You will be much more difficult to hit.

3. Only practice online

Some gamers seem to think that practicing offline (e.g. by playing through the single player campaign of the game) will prepare them for online gaming. This is unfortunately completely wrong.

4. Find your play style

It will take some time before you start realizing what kind of player you are and what play style you have. Your style will evolve as you play. Let it do so without thinking about it. Just play and do your best to make the team win.

5. Weapon and equipment management

In games of the 90's a player could usually carry around up to ten different weapons at the same time. One could swap between pistols, bazookas, machineguns, grenade launchers and so on. Very unrealistic. Examples were e.g. Half-life and Unreal.

6. Keep it simple in the beginning

It is best to keep the gameplay simple until your experience with the game you're playing grows. For example stick with a basic weapon loadout like in the example in the Weapon and equipment management section. Start experimenting with other weapons and tactics once you get convenient with the basics.