The Gambler’s Guide to Travelling

Doesn’t summer always goes by so fast? If you’re already planning your next holiday and you’re the sort of person who might be after a bit of a flutter, why not try and look for a destination that can offer you some grand scale casino entertainment! You could always just log in to Betfair Casino whilst you’re sitting in the airport and play a few games while you wait for your flight – but why not aim for a more personal and involved experience by heading to a major casino destination!? But where to go?

There are a few traditional answers, Las Vegas being the obvious one. Vegas boasts more than a hundred different casinos with every variety of game and calibre of venue on offer. High class baccarat? A quiet game of poker? Whatever it is you’re after, Vegas will have something on offer that can fit that niche. But if you’re after a certain experience, maybe to relive the excitement of Casino Royale and a night of quiet and composed gambling then you’ll need to be headed to the principality of Monaco and the city of Monte Carlo. Back in the old days, these two were the only real choices you had if you wanted to go to a gambling destination, but now? The sky’s the limit!

Major Asian venues such as Singapore and Vietnam offer a great way for you to have a bit of fun gambling whilst visiting a different country, something Japan will also soon offer, though if you’re headed to the far east then Macau has to be on your to do list. With a great selection of casinos, and a booming level of profit that’s even surpassed that of Las Vegas, Macau is the venue that many high-rollers are now aiming for in lieu of the traditional locations.

Or how about London? If you live in the UK then you have access to all sorts of mobile casinos, but did you know that there are plenty of high quality casinos available in London? Crockfords being the clear front runner, although there are multiple locations across the English capital that could serve for a quick break or a more long-term holiday if you’re coming from overseas.

For a guide to a few of the best possible locations, just have a look at the attached infographic and see what you think!