The Difference Between Sticky and Traditional Bonuses

With so many online casinos out there in the world, deciding which to go for can be a real struggle. The big deciding factor for a lot of people (once you’ve taken into account whether or not the site is available in your country, how good their reputation is and if they let you bet on that obscure sport only you and three other people are interested in) is what kind of bonus they have on offer. Just about every site is going to have a bonus on offer to let you get a taste of what it’s like to gamble with them without having to invest a lot of your own time and money. Just about all of these bonuses are going to be in the forms of enhancements to your bets, giving you a little bit of the casino’s money as long as you make a bet with it. Of this kind of bonus, there are two major varieties and knowing the difference is fairly important if you’re looking into a new site.

First up we have Traditional Bonuses- this is pretty self-explanatory but the casino just add some money directly to your balance as a withdrawal or deposit bonus. So while you could sit down and deposit something to the tune of £100, the casino gives you an extra £100 to work with. The exact amount you get varies wildly from casino to casino and offer to offer. The sign up bonus might be huge but after that all you’ll get is a piddly amount every couple of months and the rest is up to you. It might be obvious but you can’t just withdraw the money as soon as it’s deposited- you have to jump through a few legal hoops and meet the terms and conditions of the bonus but once you have you’re free to take it with your winnings.

The other major variety you’ll come across are Sticky Bonuses which, on the surface, might not look too appetising. It’s the same basic deal where you get your money buffed up by the casino, so if you deposit, say, £100 you’ll get a £100 but this is only for wagering. As in, you can’t withdraw it, you just have an extra £100 in credit with the casino. Now, before you get mad, let us explain how this can actually be seen as a positive. Firstly, sticky bonuses can afford to be a little more generous since the money isn’t actually leaving, so rather than getting £100 you may well get £200 to play with. And secondly, this has no effect on your winnings.

If you bet all of it on 2:1 and win, you get £400 which equates to £300 in actual credit. If you lose it all, you’ve only lost £100. The big perk you gain from this isn’t that you might get to take the money out if you play enough, it’s just a means to boost the bets you do make for more money.

Of course, which you want to use is up to you and we can’t tell you what’s going to suit you best, but if you’re looking at what bonuses are available, this gives you something to keep an eye out for while you’re reading the terms and conditions. This advice comes courtesy of Paddy Power casino!

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