The Difference Between Poker and Video Poker

Although the basic principles of Poker and Video Poker are very similar, there a several key differences which set them apart from each other. Some prefer one, some prefer the other, both have their advantages. Here we look at the key differences between the two variations of this well-known game.

In both instances of the game, the player is dealt five cards, with which he or she can make decisions about how they want to proceed. In video poker, the numbers are generated by a machine making your opponent a computer, as opposed to a live player.

A Easier Option

Video poker differs to traditional poker in that the game is very contained. Only a basic knowledge of poker is required to play successfully. There are many players who prefer this simpler way of playing as it doesn’t have traditional pokers strict rules or guidelines. Others prefer playing at an actual poker table as they like to match their skill for the game against real live opponents.

It is also a lot easier to control your funds playing video poker as the bets are systematic, and don’t have the unpredictable betting patterns of regular poker. Video poker machines assist in budget management as losses can’t go over the bets generated by the machine. This makes your bankroll a lot easier to manage, but the winning potential less.

Less Pressured Play

There are lower levels of stress in video poker. Playing against a computer like when you play the online slots Canada has to offer means that you can play at your own pace which is not the case when playing against a real live opponent. Likewise there is no bluffing in video poker – it is impossible to trick a machine. Although to some this is preferable, others like the thrill of playing against a live opponent. There is no real way to know how another player is going to play out his or her hand in traditional poker, whereas with video poker the outcome depends entirely on the player's card combination. One of the skills the best poker players need to master is remaining cool under pressure, whereas in video poker this isn’t necessary.

The card values differ in the two versions of the game. In video poker, the ace is not the strongest card as the payouts are identical for three aces or three fours. Also, specific video poker machine turns create instant winnings, whereas in traditional poker the Full House can be overridden by the Royal Flush.

A Single Strategy Point There is only one decision making point in video poker as opposed to the multiple decision making points in traditional poker and other card games like Blackjack. Traditional poker has several betting rounds with a variety of betting choices per round. In video poker one choice is made before the draw, and thereafter the game is over, with every player remaining in the game until its conclusion.

In video poker players know at the outset of every hand, what that hand it going to be worth. Unlike traditional poker, where the outcome of any hand is uncertain – and expensive to establish!

The method of winning also differs between traditional poker and video poker. In traditional poker there is always one winner at the end of the game, and the winner can do so regardless of what the cards he or she are dealt provided the cards are skilfully played. In video poker a win is made when your hand matches a hand that is pointed out on the pay table. Also, in traditional poker, payouts aren’t dependant on your final hand, whereas with video poker, the better the rank of your final hand, the bigger the reward.