Spiderman, Eat Your Heart Out

It’s one of the biggest rivalries in history.

They’ve been rivals for decades, each creating their own army of superheroes to wage war against one another. Oh yeah, you’ve guessed it. We’re talking about the epic battle between comic book mega-giants DC and Marvel.

For a long time, their fight was spilling over into the online slot sphere. But (ding ding!) we finally have a winner. Time to pack away your Spidey suit, Peter Parker. And you can go ahead and hang up that shield, Captain America.

To celebrate their victory, we’re taking a look at some of the best DC superheroes (and the odd villain), plus the hot slots they’ve inspired. . .

(1)   Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, Batman!

Straight out of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne is everyone’s favourite husky-voiced, Batmobile-driving ‘Caped Crusader’. He’s no stranger to the movie screen, having even released his very own blockbuster (or should we say, brick-buster?) Lego Batman film this year. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that you’ll find no shortage of Batman-inspired slots to take your pick from.

Turn crime-fighter playing Batman and Mr Freeze Fortune or Batman and The Riddler Riches. And whilst it’s not the legendary Heath Ledger (the late actor who delivered that ‘Why so serious?’ line so brilliantly), you’ll encounter one of the best DC villains playing Batman and The Joker Jewels.

(2)   Catwoman, the purr-fect criminal.
Another disguised Gotham star, this feisty lady’s relationship status with Batman is ‘complicated’ at best. Catwoman made her first comic book appearance in 1940, stirring up trouble for Bruce Wayne as a one-piece-wearing burglar. Since then, she’s made plenty of cinema appearances, portrayed by movie royalty like Anne Hathaway and Halle Berry.

Whilst her own feature film in 2004 wasn’t DC greatest hit, the Batwoman and Catwoman Cash online slot machine is a fun celebration of her famous love-hate relationship with The Dark Knight.

(3)   Is it a bird, is it a plane? No – it’s Superman!

Even if he insists on wearing his snazzy red pants over his trousers, Superman’s one of our favourite crime-busting machines. Undoubtedly one of the most iconic heroes of all time, he was created all the way back in 1933 as an alien from the planet Krypton, raised on earth as Clark Kent. He’s the star of countless movie adaptations, showcasing some of the tightest lycra and most impressive flight sequences in Hollywood history.

He’s a high-flier in the online casino world too. There are Superman, Superman II and Man of Steel slot titles ready to play right now. And if you fancy spinning on something a little bit old school, there’s even a Superman: The Movie online slot, based on the ‘70s film adaptation with Christopher Reeve.

(4)   It ain’t easy being green. . . but Green Lantern sure is super.
Marvel’s over-sized green guy, The Hulk, has got nothing on DC’s Green Lantern. Back in the ‘Golden Age’ of comic books, the Green Lantern title was claimed by Alan Scott, a humble railroad engineer who finds power in a magic lantern.

But DC decided to reinvent the Green Lantern image, with the Green Lantern Corps becoming a new preserving force of intergalactic order. In the 2011 blockbuster hit, acting star Ryan Reynolds takes on the role of Hal Jordan, the organisation’s freshest super recruit.

To celebrate the movie release, an awesome Green Lantern slot game was developed. It showcases top-notch graphics, an impressive progressive jackpot, and even a floating Reynolds beside the reels. What more could you want?

(5)   Wonder Woman, taking warrior princess to the next level.

We’ve got big respect for this lady. When DC released Wonder Woman earlier this year, the movie’s success gave new meaning to the term ‘girl power’. And heroine Diana Prince wasn’t happy with just one 2017 big-screen release.

Oh no. She also appears united with Batman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg in the highly-anticipated new movie, Justice League. And guess what? It’s recently hit the casino scene as an online slot game of the same title, packed with potentially lucrative features like Stacked Symbols, Super Hero Respins, and a Free Games Bonus. Nice one, DC.

So there you have it – a glimpse at a few DC heroes that leave the likes of Thor, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel shaking in their boots. And if all that superhero talk has got you ready to give evil a kick up the butt? Grab your tightest lycra and don your cape to play BGO slot games now. KAPOW!

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