Slot Machine Myths

Almost everyone has his own traditional story, belief, or myth that could explain, albeit mostly unsatisfactorily, some natural or social phenomenon, be it an event that involves supernatural events or beings. And the workings of slot machines!

There maybe countless of myths people have equated with playing slot machines but below are some of the most persistent slot-related myths.

Popular Myths

#1- Slot machines that frequently pay out more (loose slots) are placed in heavy traffic areas or near entrance doorways to attract more players. Based on several research studies, this is not true. Researchers found no evidence that land-based and online casinos actually practice this “myth”. In reality, people troop to casinos to gamble so this alleged practice is quite worthless. Now, relating to online casinos commonly plastered on the homepage are free online games to win real money, with no deposit needed. A link of available slot games are also usually seen on home page on online casinos.

#2 – Some slot players believe that slot machines seem to be tight or loose at certain hours of the day, and at particular days of the week. This is far from truth. Casinos, whether land-based or online, are out there to make money. If they do loosen or tighten slots, then they would inevitably have a significant drop in their business. Also, adjusting all slots twice a day would consume too much time and effort.

#3- It is better to pull the lever of a slot machine than press the spin button for more wins. The truth us there is just a handful of slots with lever, and the remaining machines that have levers are no more advantageous than a push button one. It is a fact that the RNG (random number generator) generates all winning combinations a lever or pushbutton machine has no bearing whatsoever with one’s winnings.

#4- A slot machine that has had a huge payout for quite sometime is definitely due for a huge win. On the other hand, a slot that has recently brought a winner will go “cold” for a certain period of time. RNG sees to it that each spin of a slot machine is not in anyway linked to the previous one, or the subsequent one. The odds of getting multiple jackpot on the same slot machine within a very short time span is very much stacked against players. However, there is no specific system in place to prevent such an event from happening. That’s just how mathematics is.

#5- There are players who believe that payoffs for slot machines are produced on a highly predictable cycle. Slot machines are programmed to pay back a percentage of accumulated money over a very long period of time. This would take place after millions of spins, free slots and winnings of real money. The RNG ensures that every spin is unrelated to previous and forthcoming spins, and that they are very much self-contained.

Myths relating to playing slot machines abound. It will not do anyone any good if he believes and stick to silly practices pertaining to slot machine myths and lore. Falling for these fallacies could ruin any player’s enjoyment of the game and probably his chances of actually wining in slots.