Popular Banking Methods at Online Casinos

It’s one of the first challenges that a new online player will need to deal with when entering the exciting world of online casino gaming. There are a number of different ways of both sending money to and receiving from your favourite casinos, and each one has its unique pros and cons. The choice you make can also be influenced by the country you are in, and the rules and regulations for that country. But for the most part, these are the most convenient ways of banking into today’s modern world.

Online Wire Transfer

Also commonly known as an EFT, or Electronic Funds Transfer, wire transfers usually involve a national bank of some kind, where the user would be sending the money directly from the bank to the online casino. This type of transfer can take up to three business days to fully complete depending on how the bank handles fees to different companies and other banks. Wire transfers are extremely common, but it should be noted that using them might incur a banking fee, which can vary from bank to bank.


Debit and credit cards are by far the world’s most popular methods of transferring money, and this is definitely true within the online casino industry. Most modern gaming establishments will accept either MasterCard or VISA, making them a great choice for sheer usability. Like wire transfers, there are some fees that usually accompany any transaction, but the amount the card holder will have to pay can vary depending on how much is being transferred, and whether there are any foreign exchange fees that are in place.


E-wallets are quickly becoming the most popular ways of transferring funds to and from an online casino, and there are a number of reasons as to why e-wallets tend to be superior to most of the other payment methods on this list. E-wallets tend to be instant, they often come without any extra fees, and they’re usually a much safer way to transfer money. Many online players will transfer money from their bank or credit card to their e-wallet of choice, and then will use that e-wallet for all of their transactions, from playing Blackjack to the best pokies online games. This means that if their e-wallet is compromised in any way, their bank account can remain safe.

Prepaid Cards

A prepaid card is another form of online payment that has been gaining steam in recent years. The idea behind these cards is to keep the user completely anonymous from any prying eyes online, meaning that they can happily spend their money without revealing any personal details. Prepaid cards can usually be found at most shops, where a certain amount of cash is loaded into the card, and the card’s unique pin is used for all interactions. While some prepaid cards are a once-off deal, many can be reloaded a number of times, making them the ultimate tool for anyone waiting to stay as anonymous as possible.