Playing Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo is a traditional Chinese casino game that was once most often played in secret among high rollers, but the game has started to see more popularity in recent years, especially in the online industry. The game is unlike any other casino game available, and is attracting more fans with every passing day.

It’s one of the more complicated casino games out there, but can nonetheless provide countless hours of fun and entertainment, along with some winnings on the side. Unlike online poker or blackjack, sic Bo requires no specific strategies to play, and the entire game is left up to chance.

The player places a bet on the Sic Bo table and waits for the dice to be rolled. If the dice rolls in the player’s favour, they win the round, and collect their winnings from the prize pot – which in many ways is similar to other gambling online NZ games.

Online Sic Bo games vary by casino, but they all have clearly marked betting areas. The game starts by having the betting limits checked, which allows players to learn what bets are available, and what limits have been set on all the bets.

Next, the player will put money down on the number of chips that they want. This can vary, depending on what the casino offers, so it’s important to know the costs of the chips and how many are needed to spend any appreciable time in the game.

Once the chips have been acquired, the player then chooses the bet they wish to take. Bets can come in many shapes and sizes, and are entirely reliant on the casino and what it offers. Keep in mind that bets can be extremely simple, but throughout the game more bets can be taken out, although this is recommended for those that are more experienced with the game.

Once the bets have been placed by the player, the dealer will then roll the dice. Where the dice land will mean the difference between winning and losing. Once the dice have stopped rolling and on display, the dealer will call out the score and announce whether the player’s wager was successful or not.

If successful, the player will be given their winnings. The amount that can be won is dependent on the house edge, how much the bet was worth, and how many bets were placed during the course of the game. Once this round has come to an end, players are able to go back and restart the game by buying new dice.

For those that are new to the game and want to get a feel for it, most online casinos will offer free versions of their paid Sic Bo games, giving beginner players the chance to learn the rules and how the bets and subsequent winnings work. It’s a game that most casino players can enjoy, and provides a much-needed break from other popular online games like slots.