Most Profitable Starting Hands in Blackjack explored

Blackjack is a casino player’s firm favourite game. Deriving from French casinos in the 1700s it was then called Vingt-et-Un which translates to twenty-one. There have also been a number of deviations such as Spain’s ‘One and Thirty’ which is basically another ten on top of the classic twenty-one. Another theory suggest the Romans invented Blackjack and it was played with wooden blocks and different symbols on each of them - the Romans loved a game of chance too!

This game soon became very sought after and when it reached the North American shores by the French settlers and it became a popular game across the whole continent. The final version of the game was not established until 1931 in Nevada and was then named 21. Blackjack was originally coined as the Jack of Spades or clubs in combination with the ace of spades could be used as an especially attractive bet. When this version of the game was discontinued, the name, Blackjack stuck.

Blackjack has remained popular on Casino game floors and has been featured in lots of famous movies, and it’s now available in many forms in online casinos. Many casinos offer a free 5 no deposit casino bonus but BGO go one step better and offer One Golden Chip for every ten pounds deposited up to five Golden Chips. The best thing is this bonus comes with no wagering requirements! Other online casinos offer no deposit bonuses for live dealer but it usually includes tricky wagering requirements before you can withdraw.

You are now spoilt for choice for online blackjack games, for instance “Blackjack Surrender” means the player is allowed to surrender and get half their bet back. There are loads of other variations available on the reputable Playtech software….. Anyway, a good starting point is to understand the most profitable starting hands. So please check out this handy guide.