Microsoft to Talk About Things Beyond Xbox One and Windows 10 Soon

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed the rumours that have been making rounds concerning new Xbox hardware. It is now official, Microsoft is testing Xbox One hardware. We can now expect that there will soon be official communication about the future of Xbox one.

Spencer posted on Xbox Wire, "Over the next few weeks and months, we'll be sharing more of our plans for gaming on Xbox One, Windows 10, and beyond". He passed this comment in a statement in which he also talked about the discontinuation of Xbox 360. In the same statement he also urged fans of Xbox not to stop providing feedback through the Xbox feedback site.

The Xbox chief also told fans not to expect Xbox One and half. He said he is not a fan of half numbers. In the statement he makes it clear that Microsoft will only move on after they feel the console is no longer in a position to provide consumers with the service they need. This means it is unlikely that we will get to make computer style upgrades where we open up the consol and add a piece of hardware.

We are not to expect upgrades to the Xbox hardware in the form of what Sony is trying to achieve with the PS4K.He left a lot of room for speculation with his "...and beyond" comment. Several Xbox fans think he may have been referring to HoloLens. This is despite the fact that there was no actual mention of the product but it does seem as the only logical explanation.

A more credible derivation from the statement is that we are likely to get a formal communication at E3 in June. This level of speculation would be more at home at best online casino australia sites.
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