Maximize Your Success Rate with Online Roulette Games

Ever since online gambling websites emerged in the market, it has seen steady growth. According to, in 2017 the online gambling business has seen revenue of 47.11 billion US dollars, and they have also estimated that within 2020 the number will increase to 59.79 billion US dollars. Online Casino sites have grown tremendously, and due to the various advancements in the software side, top-notch technologies bring the different gambling games live right at the comfort of your home. Whether it is an online poker game or a simple slot machine, the graphics and the stunning visuals with more advanced options like checking the progression of the game and other statistical details makes it easier for the player to delve into these gambling sites effortlessly. Get the wheels to spin and see your fortune of rewarding moments from these exciting roulette online games.

Types of Roulette

There are three types of Roulette,

1. European Roulette,
2. American Roulette
3. French Roulette.

European Roulette

In this type of roulette, there are a total of 36 numbers on the spinning wheel which implies 36 straight betting possibilities. There is one more additional number known as the green zero along with the other 36 red and black numbers. This green number which is the zero, is the main source of the house’s advantage. Suppose if the ball lands on this green slot, then the player cannot win on the usual red/black bets giving the house a small edge.

American Roulette

American Roulette also has similar layouts as that of the European roulette with regards to the payouts and the board numbers. But there is one significant difference which makes it less popular than the European roulette is, every American roulette has double zero slots. This means the house can have double the advantage if the ball lands on this green slot which in turn prevents the player’s chance two times from betting on red or black.

French Roulette

Both European roulette and French roulette has only one green slot that means one single zero slots in which the house can advantage only once. This is one of the best roulette types among the other two when it comes to the winning odds as a player. Whenever you make an outside bet that pays one to one and suppose if your ball lands in the green slot, you will end up losing only half of your bet which is an excellent way to go in the long run.

Stick to one System

Among the above mentioned three types of roulette, European roulette is your best bet. Because to increase your odds of winning it is better to stick to one system, that is European roulette. Even though American roulette gives you a fewer chance to win, the former is the best and most widely used method. Playing roulette is a real money game. Hence, before you start playing it is important to register with any reputed online gaming website and set up a real money account with them.

How to make a smart move?

First, take a look at the patterns of red and black numbers that are arranged in three blocks in which each block consists of 12 numbers. Like the bottom-most row comprises of 6 red and six black numbers and then similarly analyse the sequence of patterns in the center and the top rows as well. Now, start your betting from the one-third of your board by beginning at the middle or the bottom-most row.

Look closely at the colour of the last eight spins, suppose if it is red then make a fair bet on the same colour that is red. Look at the numbers, if your row bet wins then you have a higher chance to strike on the colour as well. But even if your row bet fails you still got 47% chance of winning at your next, second bet or break even.

One of the best parts of the roulette gaming is the players get a lot of chances to win through many spinning turns. If your spin goes wrong, double the size of your current bet in the next win which eventually leads to winning back your losses in addition to a single unit.

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Increase your Winning Odds by following few tips

● Choose a roulette table that has an almost full house of players. Have as many as three casino accounts as any casino business may not like serial winners. Thus, open three casino accounts for three different games, like one for roulette, second for slot machines and the other for blackjack.

● Playing only one session per week and mostly playing on weeknights or holiday season where there will be less traffic are your best bet.

● One of the safest strategies is to play until your bankroll limit and walk away from the game once you are well ahead in the game.

● The more money in your deposit account, the more chance to win at the roulette gaming portal. To gain real cash, you need to invest in real amount. Suppose you invest $115 in your online account then you have a higher winning chance of 97% which is indeed a good deal.

Thus, winning or losing in a roulette game is not based on pure luck, but if you stick to a specific type of roulette and keep track of your betting sequence by closing analysing the pattern of the eight spins, there are high chances of winning. However, as with gambling games whether it is a land casino or online casino playing in a responsible way and quitting or knowing when to stop the game is essential. Choosing a reputed online gaming website also plays a crucial part not only safely securing your real money but to reward with great paybacks and offers many additional bonuses every time to time, websites such as Vegas Slots offer information on many of the recommended UK casinos, so you can check out there reviews before deciding where to spend your money.