Big Brother Diary Room Chair Quiz!

The most famous (or perhaps infamous) reality TV show in history, Big Brother is known for its drama and controversy. Developed in 1997, the show follows contestants living in a house together, whilst being filmed consistently for the duration of their stay. The series premiered in the UK in 2000 to massive acclaim. Over the course of its history, there have been a total of 44 series of Big Brother in the UK, including eighteen regular series, twenty two celebrity series and four special series. The 22nd edition of the series is currently running, and so far has been one of the most controversial, with false accusations and racism plaguing the series. To tie in, we want to see how many of you are true Big Brother fans! One of the most well-known elements throughout the series is the Diary Room, where contestants sit and confess their thoughts and feelings to a camera, away from the other people in the house. Each series has a special chair, but how well do you know them all? Take a look, and let us know how well you did!

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