Attitude Tips from Successful Poker Players

When it comes to Poker we often tend to focus on the skill and strategy required, and we forget that attitude goes a long way too. To help you have a winning attitude we’ve rounded up the top tips from players who are hugely successful, and have made their fortunes at the Poker tables.

Only Focus On What You Can Control

It’s often said that what you learn in Poker can be applied to in everyday life too, and this is definitely the case when it comes to things under your control. There is no point in stressing about things you can’t control, or obsessing about them, so you have to let them go. Successful Poker players have realized that the game is an extremely capricious one, and every minute spent wallowing on the what ifs could be used instead on improving your win rate. In Poker there are many things that are beyond a player's control and if we focus on those things that are within our scope, we can reduce the chance of tilt and gain the edge by maintaining control over those variables that we can have an influence over.

Plan Ahead

There have been many studies conducted on modern psychology, and in the 60’s and 70’s it was concluded that one of the most important traits anyone can possess is the ability to stay future orientated and to delay gratification if needs be. Planning ahead really comes down to discipline, and any good Poker player knows that making disciplined moves and planning ahead will stand them in good stead. Instant gratification doesn’t work well in Poker and the ability to stay future orientated is often what sets the good players apart from the bad.

Look Out For Yourself

Poker is a mental game, and being well rested is an essential part of good play. Although you may see pro Poker players at the tables for hours on end they practice hard to be able to focus for this length of time, and don’t deprive themselves of sleep or food or drink. They also tend to avoid caffeine and other stimulants that may make them edgy, and rely on their positive attitude and mental strength to get them through. Depriving yourself of anything for the game is never a good idea, and in the long run it will harm you more than help. These days, sites like Riverbelle mobile casino make playing at anytime, anywhere possible, so you don't have to stay up all night or stretch yourself to the limits in order to play.

Seek Out Feedback

Poker pros have often said that they learn from other more experienced players or from talking to one another, so don’t have the attitude of Poker being a secretive habit, or one you don’t want to discuss with others in case you are wrong, or going off track. While some players will have their secrets, there are generally many players willing to talk about how they play, their tips and techniques and other factors that enhance and improve their game play. If you have a humble attitude and want to learn, it will be evident to others, and you can only reap the rewards of doing so. Knowledge is power and this is also true in Poker.